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Feature on the Ruth Lily Visitor Pavilion in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Architectural Record, November 2011

St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church feature article titled "Made in America"

Residential Architect, November 2011

Marlon Blackwell Architect named the Residential Architect firm of the year.

Architect Magazine, May 2011, AIA Voices article on Porchdog House

Architectural Record, May 2011

Feature on the Ruth Lily Visitor Pavilion in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Landscape Architecture Magazine, Jan 2011

Article including the Ruth Lily Visitor Pavilion in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Residential Architect, November 2010

Featured in "50 Architects we love"

Dwell, July 2010

"100 Houses we Love" Keenan Tower House is featured as one of the one hundred

Architect Magazine, November 2010

"St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church Citation"

The Architectural Review, August 2010

"The Porchdog House"

Competitions, Fall 2010

Falling Water Cottages, Finalist

Metropolitan Home, June 2009

"One for the Books" feature of Gentry Library

Architectural Record, June 2009

"Marlon Blackwell renews the dignity of the aging Fullbright Building" by Beth Broome

American Libraries, April 2009

Gentry Public Library featured as an AIA award winning project

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"A Creek Runs Through It" by Diane Carroll

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"Civic Buildings, People First: Gentry Library"

by Jane Kolleeny

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"On the links" by Vernon Mays a feature on the Blessings Club House

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"The L-Stack House Bridges City, Nature & Home"

by Beth Broome

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"Marlon Blackwell: Strangely Familiar"

by Thomas Fisher

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"Honey of a Wall" by Shelley D. Hutchins

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"Rock Star, a sustainable vacation home community takes shape."

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Article on the "L" Stack House

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"The Instrumental and the Critical: Marlon Blackwell" interview on Porch Dog

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"Ozark Vernacular Architecture: Then and Now"

by Vince Magers

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"Ozark Open"

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"After the Storm"

by Carter Worrell

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"Towards a Cybernetic Site"

by Russell Forthmeyer

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"A Bridge to the Future,"

by Peter Lemos

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"Merit Award" for the Arkansas House

Residential Architect May 2007

"Architect's Choise".

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"Stairway to heaven" by Joanna Booth

article on the Towerhouse

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Article on the Blessings Club House

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"At work in the Ozark Outback" by Bradford Mckee

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Razorback Golf Center wins Honor Award

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"The Keenan Towerhouse"

by Amy Thomas

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"The House"

by Ai Kitazawa

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The Honeyhouse and its' details are featured

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"A House in the Trees" Feature on the Keenan Tower House

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"A Taste of Honey"

by Peter Davey

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Feature on the Keenan Tower House

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"Out on a Limb" by Christopher Isenberg

Feature on Keenan Tower House

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"Mr. Keenan Builds His Tree House"

by Allison Arieff

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"Mr. Blackwell's elegant and poetic style uplifts the Arkansas Hills,"

by David Dillon

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"At the Edge - In the Frame" Feature on the Moore Honeyhouse

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"Casa Torre, Casa de la Miel (Tower House, Honey House)"

by Miqual Adria

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by Vernon Mays

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"Forty Under Forty"

by Beverley Russell

NC Home, February 1992

"Paradox in paradise" by John Hawkins




Here is where you can find what magazines have published the work of Marlon Blackwell Architects.