Cozart Office Building

Fayetteville, Arkansas (1997)


At an urban scale, the existing building, a former Goodyear Tire Center, has been transformed through the addition of new brick cladding, a canopy portico, a garden terrace and monumental steps. Together, they provide a pedestrian link to the street edge and parking lot. A beacon directed towards the downtown square now sits atop the pole that once supported the Goodyear Tire sign.


The existing drive-thru structural bays act as a spatial organizing device, allowing for the small office suites that can be re-configured to accommodate larger demands for tenant space. Each bay is in-filled with a custom fabricated hollow metal and glass storefront that gives distinction to a single office suite or as a series of offices. In effect, this flexible strategy allows for flux and rotation that often occurs in the office leasing market and provides for the possibility of variety in the mix of tenant types and sizes.


*joint venture with Cromwell Architects Little Rock, Arkansas




Gulf States Regional AIA Desigh Honor Award



Arkansas AIA Design Honor Award