Blair Garage + House Addition

Fayetteville, Arkansas (2009)


A pair of additions incorporates board-formed concrete walls as a material datum to reveal topography and encapsulate the existing house at the uphill and downhill areas of the site. The garage uses a continuous concrete wall to retain the hillside and carve out space for four cars. An infill condition of pre-finished metal panels, steel, and translucent glass define the operable and accessible conditions of the garage. The ‘lantern’ window box above the garage doors glows at night to define the new garage and light the space of the driveway.


The house addition, an exercise room, is defined as a discrete concrete form set against the existing house on a steeply sloped hillside. A glass wall and deck cantilevers to the north, extending the exercise room and providing a direct view to the wooded site beyond. The addition provides a roof garden of succulents adapted to the local climate and is viewed from the upper story bedrooms of the house.




Arkansas State AIA Merit Award