Keenan TowerHouse

Fayetteville, Arkansas (2000)


The TowerHouse is a vertical structure that rises above the tree canopy to provide panoramic views of the surrounding cityscape and the foothills of the Ozark Mountains with the opportunity for direct contact with the elements. A vertical sequence of stairs rotates up through a 50’ high courtyard, intertwined with light and shadow.


Proposed as a house among the trees — a structure that would soar through the trees, carving the sky, the program for living is simple — an interior room for viewing the expansive horizon in all directions and an open-roof exterior room that frames the sky above and the land below. One is invited to feel the breeze, star gaze, anticipate the passing of clouds above, or sleep out uder the night sky. Oriented on the cardinal points, the TowerHouse intensifies the presence of solar and lunar movements, and of seasonal change.




Gulf States Regional AIA Design Honor Award

Arkansas State AIA Design Honor Award